Do FASTED cardio to BURN FAT


Have you tried this?

Originally posted on Health Advocation:

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 1.09.58 PM Ever wonder what it takes for your body to tap into your fat stores to use for energy? Well, fasted cardio might be your best answer. Usually when you workout during the day, t he body uses the energy and nutrients in your GI tract to provide energy for your workout because they’re readily available. But when you sleep and workout on an empty stomach–> you’re working out in a “fasted state” and because it’s been hours since you’ve had any nutrition, your insulin levels are low . Isulin inhibits lipolysis (breaking down of fat stores) by blocking the metabolic process of releasing fatty acids, but when it is low- your body can release these fatty acids to be oxidized for your fasted cardio, thus you burn more fat. (aka: PRIME TIME TO SHED THE FLUFF) However you should do fasted cardio in a moderate pace because if you increase…

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Headaches? Neck pain? The cause may be..


For those of us who work at a desk for a majority of the day….It’s time to be aware what is causing our headaches and neck pain.

Originally posted on Jules Organic Living:

If you are experiencing Tension Headaches, TMJ pain, respiratory problems, shoulder pain, upper back or neck pain then you may have a postural imbalance known as the Upper Cross Syndrome.  upper_crossed_syndrome1

This occurs in individuals that exhibit frequent poor posture or work from a position where everything you do is in front of you like hairdressers, massage therapists, chiropractors, office and computer workers, or pretty much a good majority of people in general.images-3

This pattern of poor body mechanics can over tighten the muscles of the chest (pecs) and traps while weakening the shoulder retractors and deep neck flexors as shown. This can be fixed by stretching the tight and overworked muscles and strengthening the weak and inhibited muscles.

Tight muscles to stretch: Pecs, Upper traps, Levator scapula, and thoracic extension.


Muscles to strengthen: Deep neck flexors and shoulder retractors


And like always, ” Be good to your body and your…

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Spring Cleaning Myself

For me, when I fall off my healthy wagon…I feel so crummy about myself. It’s not that I have stopped eating my green smoothies every morning or gone back to eating dairy or gluten. I’m either over eating or thinking/craving food too much. I feel a loss of control or lack of eating freedom. I also find that with social media, I then start to feel worse about myself. I compare my body to others, especially if their body is where I would like to see myself. It self damaging and brutal, and yet we continue to do it. So…as of 7pm last night. I have deleted Instagram off my phone and logged out of Facebook. I’m taking a break. I need to find my security and body confidence by myself. I’m not going to find it online. The picture that people paint online, isn’t their complete truth, but we forget this while browsing.

I’m done with it. I feel like I am hurting myself everytime I go on social media now. Like I should now be ashamed because life and stress has lead me to gain some weight. Their bodies haven’t been through what I have been through. I need to stop comparing. So…I am on break. Break from Social media…except for this blog. Time to cleanse myself of comparing and degrading myself. I haven’t set a time limit..but maybe when I find my confidence again.

I’d love to hear if anyone else has encountered this…

Be well!

Watch the Carbs!!!

With all my thyroid issues and love of all things carb related, I’ve decided to cut some out. These winter months and stress have driven me right to them. Tonight starts my kick off of limiting carbohydrates. I don’t mind vegetable carbs, but I am watching my intake of potatoes.

Came home to steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. With a strawberry spinach salad with garbanzo beans and almonds. Delicious!!! More menu options to come soon.


Sippin’ on Orange Juice… Laid Back!

Recently I’ve been having some issues with my eyes. So I’ve turned to carrots and lutein to help get then back in shape. My better half made this amazing juice… Which tastes better than it looks.

1lb carrots
4 oranges
2 inches of ginger

Simple and delicious!


Letting go…


Sometimes we forget we cannot control everything. Heck, there truly is only so much we can control. Learning to let go, to gain control.

Hump Day Smoothie- Gotta Spice up Wednesday!

I wanted a treat this morning, so I made a dirty, but clean green smoothie.

2 cups of spinach (organic)
1 cup of water

2 frozen bananas
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
2 tbsp peanut butter
1 scoop Garden of life Raw Fit protein powder
2 tsp Hemp Protein High Fiber
1 tbsp Chia seeds

Blend and enjoy- please tell me what you think!


Plant Based Protein- Morning Smoothie

It’s important to make sure you are getting enough protein, but remember it doesn’t have to be from an animal source. The smoothie for today I focusing on keeping protein high and plant based.

Today’s Recipe:

1 1/2 cups of water
1 1/2 cups of kale ( 2.5 grams of protein)
Liquify in a blender
1 1/2 frozen bananas
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 scoop Raw Fit from Garden of life ( 28 grams per scoop)
3 tsp of Hemp Protein powder, high fiber. (11 grams)
1 tbsp No salt peanut butter (3.5 grams of protein)

Total of 45 grams of plant based, organic protein. This was shared between two people, but easily could be breakfast and mid morning snack for one.

Tell me what you think and your other plant based protein add ins.

Be well!


Always a work in progress:


Setting Myself Free

In the beginning of my health journey, the food came easily. All the changes and research kept my kind busy and free from obsessing about have cancer or being sick. Almost a year later, choosing healthy food isn’t the issue, it’s been dealing with myself.

Living a green and organic lifestyle has been wonderful for me. To use labels, I am gluten free, meat free, fish free, dairy free and loving it. I can’t say I am a vegan because I eat eggs ( occasionally) and honey. Green smoothies and vegetables are my life now. I’m thankful for it. But, as always for me, I deal with stress or uncertainty the best way I know how. Food. I remember thinking in the summer, when I was still just healing and not dealing with as many stresses, “How could you over eat?”. The answer is clear. So I removed trigger food and have been working on limiting my portions. Even in a more natural diet, certain foods can still trigger me to eat more. I am working on it. Meditation and being aware of my eating help. I am trying to write my food down. I realized during a meditation today that I want to be free. That’s it. Figuring out what free means, is my next step. I do think that part of being free means not being controlled by food. So it’s time to work on that again. Maybe it’s time to venture back to Overeaters Anonymous….

Till next time friends!
Be well!


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